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WHO Director-General's opening remarks at the Mission briefing on COVID-19 - 12 March 2020

WHO Director-General's opening remarks at the Mission briefing on COVID-19 - 12 March 2020 : 

Excellencies, dear partners and companions, 

As a matter of first importance, I might want to state hello. 

As you most likely are aware, yesterday I said that that the worldwide COVID-19 episode would now be able to be portrayed as a pandemic. 

This isn't a choice we trifled with. 

We have made this appraisal for two principle reasons: first, due to the speed and size of transmission. 

Just about 125,000 cases have now been accounted for to WHO, from 118 nations and domains. In the previous two weeks, the quantity of cases announced outside China has expanded right around 13-overlap, and the quantity of influenced nations has nearly significantly increased. 

The subsequent explanation is that in spite of our regular admonitions, we are profoundly worried that a few nations are not moving toward this danger with the degree of political responsibility expected to control it. 

Let me get straight to the point: depicting this as a pandemic doesn't imply that nations should surrender. The possibility that nations should move from control to moderation isn't right and perilous. 

Despite what might be expected, we need to twofold down. 

This is a controllable pandemic. Nations that choose to abandon basic general wellbeing measures may wind up with a bigger issue, and a heavier weight on the wellbeing framework that requires progressively extreme measures to control. 

All nations must find some kind of harmony between ensuring wellbeing, forestalling monetary and social interruption, and regarding human rights. 

We encourage all nations to adopt a far reaching strategy custom fitted to their conditions – with control as the focal column. 

We are approaching nations to take a four-pronged technique: 

Initially, get ready and be prepared. 

There are as yet 77 nations and regions with no detailed cases, and 55 nations and domains that have announced 10 cases or less. 

And all nations with cases have unaffected regions. You have a chance to keep it that way. Set up your kin and your wellbeing offices. 

Second, distinguish, forestall and treat. 

You can't battle an infection in the event that you don't have the foggiest idea where it is. That implies vigorous reconnaissance to discover, detach, test and treat each case, to break the chains of transmission. 

Third, diminish and stifle. 

To spare lives we should diminish transmission. That implies finding and detaching however many cases as could reasonably be expected, and isolating their nearest contacts. Regardless of whether you can't stop transmission, you can back it off and ensure wellbeing offices, mature age homes and other fundamental regions – yet just in the event that you test every presumed case. 

What's more, fourth, develop and improve. 

This is another infection and another circumstance. We're all learning and we should all discover better approaches to forestall contaminations, spare lives, and limit sway. All nations have exercises to share. 

WHO is working day and night to help all nations. 

We have transported supplies of individual defensive gear to 57 nations, we're getting ready to transport to a further 28, and we've sent lab supplies to 120 nations. 

We've distributed a R&D guide, with a lot of center conventions for how studies ought to be finished. 

We've distributed an exhaustive bundle of specialized direction. 

We've had in excess of 176,000 enlistments in our COVID instructional classes on OpenWHO. 

We're working with the World Economic Forum and the International Chambers of Commerce to draw in the private division. We're likewise working with FIFA. 

We're working with our associates over the UN framework to help nations to build up their readiness and reaction plans, as per the 8 columns. 

What's more, in excess of 440 million U.S. dollars has now been swore to WHO's Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan 

We thank those nations that have contributed, particularly those that have contributed completely adaptable assets. Since this is unique, we need the best adaptability conceivable to offer the most ideal help. In the soul of solidarity, we approach nations not to reserve assets for this reaction. 

Much thanks to all of you by and by for your help and duty. 

As I continue saying, we're all right now. 

I bless your heart.

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