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Kabir Singh Teaser: Shahid Kapoor Is As Angry As The Hulk. Love Is His Poison

New Delhi : Shahid Kapoor just dropped the mystery of Kabir Singh and he's splendid as Bollywood's variant of Arjun Reddy. In this way, meet Kabir Singh - a therapeutic understudy "with a faultless scholastic record" and a real heavy drinker. In any case, that is the least of his issues and he is constantly irate. As irate as the Hulk. 

Shahid Kapoor in a still from the Kabir Singh teaser (courtesy YouTube)
Shahid Kapoor in a still from the Kabir Singh teaser (courtesy YouTube)

Kabir Singh, a last year understudy at the Delhi Institute Of Medical Science is one of the best specialists of his bunch however experiences outrage the executives issues. In the mystery, Shahid Kapoor has been presented similarly as Vijay Deverakonda was in the Arjun Reddy secret. Kabir Singh enters the study hall with smoke surging out of his mouth and after that thoroughly demolishes the mash out of a kindred understudy amidst a battle. 

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Shahid Kapoor as Kabir Singh has every one of the shades of being furious and it's essentially startling. In any case, the main individual who quiets him down is his adoration intrigue Preethi, played by Kiara Advani. The mystery stops at only a presentation of Kabir and Preethi, when he kisses her and that turns into their little mystery.

Presenting the Kabir Singh secret, Shahid Kapoor stated: "I'm not a revolutionary without a reason. This is ME!"

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